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Humaniora, October 2016

1. South-East Asian Fortified Stone Walls: Angkor Thom (Cambodia), Ho Citadel (Vietnam) and Ratu Boko (Indonesia) by Victor Lluis Perez Garcia Pages 239-254
2. The Adat Contributions for the Villages to Develop Independently: Cases from the Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency by P.M. Laksono pages 255-265
3. Politics Representation and Symbolic Violence through the Discourse of Seram as Nusa Ina by Flavius Floris Andries pages 266-279
4. Ethnolinguistic Study of Local Wisdom in Ex-Residency of Surakarta by Wakit Abdullah pages 280-290
5. The Strategies in Dealing with Political Conflict in Syria: Study of Khalid Khalifah's La Sakakin Fi Mathabikhi Hadzihil-Madinah by Arief Budiman pages 291-300
6. Differences in Perception and Diction on Two Translations Lelaki Tua dan Laut from Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and The Sea by Lina Melilinawati Rahayu pages 301-315
7. Conquest and Care for the Preservation of Nature and Environment in the Novel Amba by Laksmi Pamuntjak: Study Ecocriticism by Wiyatmi pages 316-324
8. Patterns and Meanings of English Words through Word Formation Processes of Acronyms, Clipping, Compound and Blending Found in Internet-Based Media by Rio Rini Diah Moehkardi pages 325-339
9. Textual Analysis of the Jakarta Post Online Representation of Presidential Candidates in Indonesia by Prayudi, Retno Hendariningrum pages 340-348
10. Indonesian Interrogative Sentences: a Study of Forms and Functions by Lindawati pages 349-358


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Penerbit Faculty of Cultural Sciences, UGM : Yogyakarta.,
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0852 0801
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Vol.28 No.3
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Pages 237-367
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