Image of Today's ISMS : socialism, capitalism, fascim, communism, libertarianism


Today's ISMS : socialism, capitalism, fascim, communism, libertarianism

Today's Isms is a classic in the fields of comparative politics and compara-tive economics. Hundreds of thousands of copies have been sold since it was first published in 1954.
I have added a fifth "ism" for the eleventh edition—Libertarianism. This edition retains the historical and theoretical approaches of previous editions. Today's Isms traces the interaction between theory and practice of major political and economic ideologies and value-systems.
Ed Fogelman's contributions to Today's Isms are vital, though he has not participated in writing the tenth and eleventh editions. For the eighth and ninth editions, he added, the sections on neoconservatism, Spanish fascism, and Chinese communism, and continued the discussion of the development of Soviet communism. Rob Ebenstein and Robert Bakhaus reviewed early drafts of what has become the chapter on libertarianism.


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