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A Systems analysis of political life

In this major and long-awaited work, David Easton sets forth funda¬mental categories appropriate to a new general theory of political interaction. In The Political System he had argued the need for such a theory. In A Framework lor Political Analysis he had spelled out the commitments undertaken in conceiving of politics as a system of behavior. In the present work, Easton comes directly to grips with the elaboration of a substantive theory which he describes as a systems analysis.
Based upon the dramatic revolution in political science during the last decade—which the author's previous books have helped to stimu¬late—this volume develops a framework of logically consistent con¬cepts for the study of political systems. Through this framework, Easton isolates and names the critical variables and dimensions common to all political systems, identifies some of their most significant rela¬tionships, and presents a coherent image of a theoretical approach to politics.
The theoretical model which Easton has developed does more than simply offer concepts for describing the structures and processes of political systems in conventional, static terms. Easton adopts a dynamic point of view; hence its description as a systems analysis. He interprets political systems as structures that get things done. The theoretical model shows how a political system depends for its opera¬tion on the inflow of demands and support and on the conversion of these into outputs such as policies, decisions, and actions.
This book provides a much-needed theory, one sufficiently general so that it can be readily applied to all types of political systems — modern or primitive, small or large, ancient or contemporary, indus¬trialized or peasant, national or international, democratic or totali¬tarian. This book will serve not only to enrich our understanding of how political systems operate; it will also add new vitality to the whole rapidly growing field of empirical theorizing in political science.


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